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- Version 1.12.2 modded
- Economy/exploration focus. Basically, pvp is allowed but not encouraged, and things such as raids, etc won't exist.
- Has some magic mods like Bewitchment(1.12 witchery), Blood Magic, Botania, psi, Electroblob's Wizardry, etc.
- Has some tech mods like Buildcraft, TConstruct, Applied Energistics. (NOT adding mechanism, galacticraft, or anything too "futuristic". Might consider immersive engineering)
- Has some big exploration mods like The Aether, Twilight Forest, NetherEx, etc.
- Has a lot of worldgen mods like Biomes O' Plenty, Dungeons (with challenging and unique bosses), etc.
- Has some aesthetic mods like Hardcore Darkness, chisel, furniture mods, etc.
- Has some utility mods for claiming, chunk loading, homes, teleporting, maps, lag tracking, chunk pregenerating, etc.
- All-in-one modpack installation with a custom main menu and no need for an IP, also comes with Too Many Items and all of its needed addons.
- Has a few "vanilla" type mods that add in lots of random improvements (like block placers, button pushers, different types of hoppers, more redstone stuff, and small improvements, additions to every aspect of vanilla minecraft)
For more info, join our Discord. https://discord.gg/dMDHE7e
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