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Elite Survival is a brand new 2020 server that was created to aim not for a masses but more adult and demanding players, who just love survival in Minecraft and own a legit Minecraft account, as Elite Survival is premium only server.

We have vanilla and semi-vanilla worlds without any mini-games, fancy stuff and such. We aim to deliver fully professional, stable survival server without lags, with true native 1.16+ vanilla and semi-vanilla worlds. All worlds on our server have no world border and run on separate dedicated machines.

We have wide variety of worlds: from chillout survival with keep inventory on, through classic survival, to semi-hardcore and anarchy worlds, and even a PvP Arena featuring entirely vanilla 1.16 gameplay. We will always keep our server version natively up to date on all worlds. We are not going to reset or wipe any of the worlds, ever.

If you are looking for one of the best and stable premium Minecraft survival servers that you can trust and stay for a long time, you are at home :) Join us and become a part of the Elite Survival community :)

Server IP: elitesurvival.eu
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/hSKq2Ht
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFlMBOHaf3IjAdj_1_GErA

Server features:
- brand new vanilla and semi-vanilla survival server
- access only for players with legal Minecraft account
- several different survival worlds + pvp arena
- from chillout and classic survival to hardcore and anarchy
- high-end dedicated machines, stable TPS, no lags
- true native 1.16 worlds, up to date MC version
- unlimited worldborder, worlds never reset
- mature and friendly staff, elite server community
- no pay-to-win, no unfair gameplay
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