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Welcome to Creative building!

local en-us (BETA) only works in the USA, if you are not in the USA this server IP will not work... you can try but it wont work. We have Creative, Survival, PvP Shops, and more!

Creative building is a family-owned server! As of 10/16/2020
9:55 PM we have 2 beta members, 0 members, 1 Admin, and 1 Owner.


you do not get paid tho. You get permissions in the server and you get daily payouts evrey hour in the server if you play for atleast 30 minutes each day!

 We are currently in BETA so we are still adding plugins and setting up hubs, and multiverse-core worlds and creative plots!

Make sure to join.

Server created by using check out their website to make your own server!

Have fun!
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