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----< ComPlex >---- (1.8-1.16.5) McEarth ◆ Survival ◆ BedWars
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Welcome! If you're looking for a performance cracked server we are here! We are currently offering McEarth, Bedwars & Survival server. We often have some events like Drop party and Bedwars tournaments and on our survival, we have Towny, Yacht club, Treasure hunt, and Maze so you can't get bored on our server. 
SERVER IP: VERSION: 1.8 - 1.16.4

---------------------------[register/login help]---------------------When you join or server for the first time you will need to register with /register (password) (password) after registration you can continue to choose what server you want to join. To leave a specific server and join the hub server do /hub. When you want to join next time do /login (password) and you will be in! If you forget the password or you want to reset the password contact staff on discord.

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