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no map resets, no censorship, 1rule ~no lag machines~
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Just plan minecraft the way Notch intended it to be played. 
No rules really, just no lag machines. I dont like telling ppl how to play, but when it effects the server n others, well thats the line. Looking for older players. No kits, no prizes, no factions, no pay to play crap and, 100% no bullshit on your screen all the time. JUST minecraft. 

Commands: (tpa's and /home have a 2min delay, this is to make sure 
People don't use it the escape a jam) that effects vanilla gameplay. This is to help players travel large distances n be able to return home, not escape danger. 
/sethome /home /spawn /tpask /tpahere /afk
- these datapacks are just for player convenience. 
- the warp portal at spawn's range is about 500 block area, about 500 away from the game spawn area.
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