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A Minecraft Server
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Just play Minecraft the way Notch intended. 
No rules! I don't tell people how to play, we're Looking for older players mods and mod developers are welcome. No kits, no prizes, no factions, no pay to play crap and, 100% no bullshit.  JUST Minecraft. 

Join us, form a Gang?, maybe build some stuff?, or, maybe take a trip to the w.b. if you haven't done that pilgrimage before. maybe go exploring? pillage a few lil base's maybe I unno.... you do you. its a big map for big players.


 - Full size map 60 million X 60 million.

 - relax, it's a vanilla server. - don't expect a bunch of shit.

 - There's a nether hwy system(still in development) for       accessing distant places.

 - auto updates with paper, for now. 
   Currently: ver 1.17.1 (aug 2021)

 - no chat censorship (you have been warned)
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