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Mobs and Thrones is a strategy game in which two teams fight each other, trying to destroy the enemy's throne.

This is PVP & PVE, with MOBA (as LeagueOfLegends and Dota2) elements, and a focus on the in-game economy.

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Beautiful, custom-made map. You can see screenshots on a site

Easy to start. The new player tutorial will teach you everything to feel comfortable

12+ heroes with custom abilities. More to come in future updates

Monetization doesn't affect gameplay at all

Wide and fun in-game economy. Multiple ways to obtain gold, infinite variants to deal with the resources

50+ unique items in a gold shop

The game is on 100% custom code, with no third-party plugins, so we have full control over the in-game balance. Also, this will let us ship cool game updates regularly.
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