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XenoFactions | January 30TH 1 PM EST

Hello there! We are one of the few servers that have the old fashion feel as a 2016 Factions server. Our server is very unique not only are the plugins custom coded making the server stand out, but has in-game rankup system that allows players to /rankup with in-game money without purchasing donor ranks.

Here is a list of thing XenoFactions provides:

- Factions PvP
- mcMMO
- Rank up system
- FTOP Paypal Rewards 100, 50, 25
- StellarSpigot
- Flawless cannons
- Flawless Printer
- Competition
- Envoys
- Outposts
- KoTH
- Key All events
- PvP Events
- Jackpots/Coinflips
- ChunkCollectors
- ChunkBusters
- GenBuckets
- 3 min gapple cooldown
- Lootboxes
- PlayerVaults
- F Fly
- Trench Pickaxes / Sell Wands / Harvester Hoes
- Resets monthly
- Duels
- Auctions
- Balanced Economy
- Not Pay to Win
- And many more custom unique features!

Check out XenoFactions.com, one of the greatest factions experience.
IP: xenofactions.com

Discord Link: discord.gg/nfPGdEa
Plugins installed on server: custom enchants, enchants, Essentials, MCMMO, PlayerVaults, ShopGUI, Envoys, Outposts, Factions, KoTH, custom, Plugins, balanced, economy, PvP, spigot
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