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Swifty's Factions is a server that focuses on providing a unique PvP, Factions, and Economy experience. We hope to provide gameplay not available on other servers and to do so in a fun and interesting way.

Features Include:

-Unique PvP Events
-Friendly and Helpful Staff

The staff of Swifty's PvP are always under strict watch in order to prevent any form of power abuse. IF a staff member is found to be abusing their power, they will receive punishment including the removal of their staff role.

Swifty's PvP runs on Minecraft v1.7.10.    We chose this version because we felt it provided the greatest amount of variety in plugins and features.

in order to join this server, you must run Minecraft in a version between 1.7.0 and 1.7.10. To change your Minecraft version, select the 'Edit Profile' option in the launcher and set the 'Use Version' field to one of the above listed versions.

If you have any difficulty with this server, please send an email to the address: swiftyfactions@gmail.com.

Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

NOTE: The server website is a link to our Donation Store.
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