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The deeper you go, the hotter it gets and more danger leaks here.Go to my discord server, here an invite link:

There are many layers which you have to dig through. First you encounter the crust, then the mantle, the lower_mantle and finally the core, innercore and the center of the core. There are nice caves to explore underground as well. There are over 30 ores and gems to find.

I haven't made the scale realistic because of many reason, the first one being that the planet is just enormous and digging down over 6 millions blocks is too much. Also the scale is not on a perfect ratio, I made this way because otherwise the crust will be something like 10 blocks deep only. So I focused more on the gameplay.

This is the best mod for digging down on Minecraft, I will soon release on CurseForge.

Goodluck digging to the core and happy digging!
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