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We are an adult 21+ semi-vanilla Minecraft server, built to be a laid-back and a drama-free place to unwind, get creative, and have a little fun.

In order to play on our server...

1. You need to visit our website www.ordinarywonders.net and follow the application process.
2. You can visit the server as a guest if you wish... We are gray-listed which means you can look around and talk to everyone, but you won't be able to build. 
Ip: play.ordinarywonders.net
3. You will be promoted once your application is approved.  Only then will you be allowed to build and interact with everything.

More about our server:

There are several worlds and lots of room to grow with a few plugins and data packs thrown in to add a little fun and quality of life upgrades.

Ordinaria, our main home world, has plenty of space to build, while our resource world is refreshed often to keep exploring fun and resources available.

We are in the midst of creating our own data-packs and have a creative world set aside to build the necessary structures for that, plus other space to experiment or do creative builds.  Datapacks we have installed include a revamp of most villages plus we have datapacks for underwater and floating villages, sea structures, mountain villages and much more!

We also have other small and large scale community projects planned. Whether you like survival or creative or both, there is something for everyone!

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