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Vanilla Survival [1.16.5]
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Welcome to The Kingdom of Avalonia! Kingdom of Avalonia is a LGBTQ+, and racist free server. We strive to be an inclusive server to everybody. We are a network that has SMP Survival and Guns Factions server. To get around the server use /menu


We try aim to keep the SMP server as vanilla as possible. SMP is a whitelisted server that has integrated plugins/datapacks that enhance but don't take away from the vanilla survival experience. Things like core-protect, inventory rollback, and other quality of life things (such as one player sleep!) are added in case of griefers and to make everything more enjoyable! At its core though, SMP is a survival Minecraft server that is similar to normal Minecraft. If the SMP server seems like something you would like to join then please send an application in today!

[Guns Factions」

Guns Factions is the opposite of the Vanilla-Minecraft experience, the faction server has kits with guns in them. By default you will get access to /kit citizen and with in game money or by (buying) a rank you can rank to captain to unlock more guns and perks! The ranks that are only accessible by donating is Deputy and Sheriff. Sheriff gives you all the perks and guns you can could ever want! Griefing and raiding is allowed on this server so watch out! I hope you like our unique twist on a faction server and can’t wait to see you on the server. (this server is not whitelisted)

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