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EKT Minecraft 1.12 & 1.11.2
We are mainly a PvE focused server with minimum fuss and interferance from staff! We prefer to just let you get on with it. (Although when you
first join we will check if you require help, assuming a staff member
is to hand).

We have recently added Skyblock!

Survial includes:
- ShopPlugin (With stocked market!)
- Horse Teleport/Protection
- Land protection and trouble free roll back for any greifing or accidents!
- Alcohol, Brew your own vodka/beer and get drunk with your friends!
- Offline mode server with password protection and Skins!
- 99% Uptime and pretty much lag free! (Assuming i havent broken anything lol!)
- Friendly Players with banter!
- DailyBonus! (Rewards for daily play including potions/money and a free Elytra!)
- VoteRoulette! (Get a random bonus reward when you vote for us!)

- - ( /Warp Games )
- Arenas PvP/PvE
- - ( /Warp Arena )


For trusted users you also get access to the Dwarven City (http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/lets-build-medieval-city and Medievil Island
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