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There are many reasons to join this server! We are going to be hosting many events from PvP arenas to McMMO leveling competitions, and prizes range from unique enchanted weapons to spawn eggs or spawners! There will also be frequent drop parties, including rare and unique loot. Expect loot crates to be added soon! As explained further down, we aim to replicate the small community-driven servers that you may have played on in the early 2010s. We are keeping things simple, there are not a million GUIs to follow nor do you have to read 400 signs before you can play. You just hop on and start playing. The rules are simple there are only 5!, the staff are laid back and will play with you instead of being some unknown unreachable entity, and there is an untouched world waiting for you in OldMC! Come join us today, whether you're a Minecraft player from a bygone era or a new player looking for that
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