ConspiracyCraft [Cracked]

ConspiracyCraft [Cracked]

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Welcome to the original rankup server. You can earn exclusive perks, titles and trophies with the /rankup command. We have an extremely dedicated owner (Jamm) who actually talks and jokes around with the community- A relaxed, friendly Survival server with no griefing- and a competitive OP Factions server, with free /fly. Expect original content and daily updates :)

Enhanced Survival [1.12]
Friendly Community - My favorite part about Survival is the great community. It's kinda' rare these days!
Trophies - Earn trophies to display your ranks.
Parties - Hate surviving alone? Make a party, set a home and build with your friends. 
Shops - Like selling stuff? We have the best player-owned shop system in the business.
No Griefing - Who needs griefing? Not us.
No PvP - There is no PvP in the main world; however, you can go to /warp pvp if that's your cup of tea :)
Land Claiming - We use the "gold shovel" claiming plugin, because it's just simply the best.
McMMO - An rpg-like plugin for leveling up skills such as mining and woodcutting.
Rankups - You can level up McMMO to earn new titles and sethomes!
Custom Bosses - Whaa'? Yes, you can spawn and slay bosses for some nice loots.
Llama Mascot - What server do you know of that has a talking Llama walking around spawn? (his name is David btw)
Custom OP Factions [1.8-1.12]
Rankups - Level up with McMMO to earn kits and titles (use /rankup).
Custom Enchantments - We have Custom Enchantments that are great for PvP and not too over-powered.
Enchant Maxes - Sharpness is capped at 11 and protection at 10.
Free Fly - Factions without /fly is like red beans without rice!
King of The Hill - A competitive PvP game where you must hold control of an area with your Faction to win a loot crate.
Great Warzones - We spend a lot of time making sure our PvP areas are on point.
McMMO Rankups - Earn new ranks, titles, kits and sethomes with McMMO. 
Hit Detection - We have plugins that improve hit-detection.
Powerful Anti-cheat - Our anti-cheat kicks most hackers you may come across. 
Duels - 1v1 other players in over 9 different arenas with pre-made kits.
Bar Gamble - Spend your money on various drinks in the bar for a chance to win big.
NPC Memes - We love memes. Look for Yung Chop in spawn and tell him Chance saved SoundCloud.
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ConspiracyCraft [Cracked]


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