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aLoxoly MCa [1.16 Java and Bedrock!] New 1.17 SMP Beta!
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
Loxoly MC
SMP Server release on June 30, 2021!
1.16.5 Java Bedrock Semi - Vanilla Survival
Monthly Giveaways! Up to 400 Buycraft!
Special Events!
Custom Plugins!
Unique ranks and kits!
And More!

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Loxoly MC currently has 1 Semi-Vanilla Survival Server. This means that we use a few plugins to enhance the vanilla experience without taking away that classic Minecraft Feel.

Server Features

Grief Prevention - Claim your land so no pesky griefers will destroy your land!

Jobs Economy - Get a job and make some money in a player-based economy.

McMMO - Level Up your abilities and unlock special skills!

Shops - Run a store! Buy and sell items with chestshops!

Kits - Dont want to start from scratch? We got you covered with our basic starter kit!

PvP - PvP can be toggled on and off with /pvp! No-longer do you have to worry about being spawn-killed or trapped!

Custom Items - While the smp is vanilla you can still find an assortment of cool unique items like the Turtlemasters Helm!

Custom Commands - Some menial tasks can be sped up or made cheaper with special commands like /itemname!
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