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Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!

▋ MeinKraft is a no-p2w server with some unique gamemodes.
▋ Currently there are 4 gamemodes: skywars, UHC, tntrun, ▋Russian Strike.
▋ There are no downloaded assets/maps aswell as there are no ▋ stolen buildings.
▋ This server is not p2w and will not be.
▋ The server itself is english.

▋ Russian Strike:
▋ This unqiue gamemode is the main game of this server.
▋ Russian have conquered England and terrorized people.
▋ Your goal is to stop them, kill the corrupt leaders and
▋ Overthrow the government. The resistance will be your friend
▋ no matter what. You can fight with unique weapons, vehicles
▋ and special items. Complete quests or rob stores to gain ▋money.
▋ You can use that money to buy a house, vehicles, guns, ▋throwables,
▋ pets, medicine or some ammunation.
▋ The map itself is really huge, it offers 4 main islands.
▋ Fight with unique bosses to get their weapons.
▋ Be aware that the police might make your life really hard.

▋ Lobby:
▋ In the lobby you can find some helpful information about the ▋ server.
▋ Here you can play over 35 "Mini"Games such as Snake game, ▋ Chess,
▋ Parkour, Dinu run, Tetris, 2048 and much more!
▋ You can enable pvp to fight in the lobby.

▋ Tntrun:
▋ In this gamemode your goal is to not fall down from
▋ the TNTs. You can buy double-jump to evade a fall.
▋ There are some unique maps which require "special" skills.

▋ Skywars:
▋ You start on a small island but your goal is to kill all
▋ enemy players. After some time there will be some random
▋ "events" going. Be aware, they might kill you!
▋ Unlike normal skywars there are some "unordinary" items.

▋ UHC:
▋ UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a hard game. During a match you
▋ won't be able to regenerate, ores are much rarer and the
▋ border is getting smaller however you can eat golden apples ▋or
▋ golden heads to regenerate. Your goal is to eliminate ▋everyone
▋ during the match or deathmatch!

▋ If you have some suggestions/bug reports
▋ contact us.

▋ IP:
▋ Version: 1.7.10-1.16.5 - Recommended version: 1.10.2
▋ Website:
▋ E-mail: [email protected]

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