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Survival Craft
Welcome everyone to the Survival Craft Network! After months of hard work we are finally bringing it back to life!

The network contains A LOT of unique features such as Custom pets, UIs, cosmetics, challenges, and of course games!

Our Game Modes
We have three major game modes, here is a list of our games with a brief description of each:
  • Survival. Semi-vanilla survival game mode with very few plugins to prevent ruining the survival experience.
  • Creative: Creative mode (Plots + Per-theme-world) with Unique Ranking System.
  • OP Survival. Heavily customized and unique plugins to provide you with a very awesome experience. I cannot list them all here because there's over 70 of them, so come try it for yourself!
Our goal

Our goal is to bring a very unique experience to all our players. We want our players to be amazed by every bit they see. We are doing weekly updates and are constantly listening to our community for improvements.

Server Address
You can join our network by using the following ip:
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