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Good news, your search for a minecraft server like Hermitcraft is over! Two Islands is a server hosted in Australia ran like a realms server with a couple of friends. We are bringing back how Minecraft servers use to felt where everyone built together. Choose one of two very different islands to build that mega base you've being wanting to do,knowning others will see it! Need a certain item or block? Maybe you want to sell something yourself? Well no problem because we have a player-ran market near spawn with custom villagers so you can ensure your goods will be safe.

The server will be reseting chunks outside of the two islands when the second part of Caves and Cliffs is out, so you will be
able to explore the new terrain later this year. Some of our features you might find interesting are:
- Greifing protection
- 24/7 server access
- Nether highways instead of /tp (/spawn works however)
- Custom villagers

Check out our discord for a full list of features. Our server ip adress is:
We hope to see you soon!
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