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OxyDrug is a new OP server with many different features. These features are in place to enhance your experience. Some of the features we offer include:
  • Overpowered Kits
  • Three different classes! (Feather Feet, Pyro Mam and Creepermune - Play how YOU decide)
  • Ranking system, with multiple prestiges - Beat others down an crown yourself the king of farming
But that's not all! On top of this, we over a wide variety of items which can be sold and taken - And, unlike other servers like us, we're looking to take a fresh look on things.
  • We say no to cops, and yes to a player controlled market - We're currently testing a custom plugin. This plugin, when enabled, enables the users to directly influence the sale price of items. If users sell too much of one thing - It quickly becomes worthless!
  • No more clamouring for that villager at spawn - We enable users to access and use the ingame shop from anywhere in the world; buy blocks on the go, and enchant your sword without needing to go to the enchanting table. 
  • Show off your dominance by collecting and equipping rare tags - Complete quests; unlock epic rewards.
  • Wide variety of donor ranks available, each with a unique twist
  • All donor perks available to buy via points - How do you earn them? Quite simply vote on any participating site - Sites can be seen by doing /vote!
  • Wide variety of winnable loot available in four different crates - All accessible without donating (Note: Premium crate keys have a low chance of being won, but are able to be won). Win tags, unlock epic rewards - Go forth and conquer!
And much, much, more! We're always looking to expand, and we're always looking to make the server original. You can even break bedrock you have placed! Do note that other users can also break your bedrock, by way of TNT (300 hits!)

Below are a few of the server's main rules - The comprehensive list can be see ingame by doing /rules
  • No advertising of any kind
  • No spamming
  • No racism, homophobia or conversation which is done to cause offense
  • No client-modifications which provide an unfair advantage. You may use a minimap, so long as it doesn't show players and/or entities. Examples of unfair modifications include XRay, Kill Aura and Nukers
  • Alternate accounts are allowed
  • Scamming is allowed - So long as it's done with ingame items! 
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