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Our Setup

Hosted in Australia, LurgCraft offers a friendly community running on bleeding-edge server hardware. Full build protection is included, allowing you to enjoy your game without fear of griefing. We use dedicated server hardware, located in a tier 1 datacentre in Sydney, Australia. This guarantees us high speed (1Gbps), low-latency connectivity.

How to Join

* Join our Discord!
* Our online store is here
* Prison is reachable on, and supports all client versions
* SkyFactory 4 runs v4.2.4 (latest)
* StoneBlock 2 runs SB2 v1.22.0 (latest)
* StoneBlock 3 runs SB2 v1.5 (latest)
* All The Mods 7 runs ATM7 v0.4.34 (latest)

Our Servers

The SkyFactory pack is one of the best 1.12.2 Skyblock packs ever to be created and is enhanced with multiple server-specific customisations. We include island protection (with a nice big default island size of 256x256), chunk loaders, voting rewards, minimal banned items, and a ton of other customisations. Prestige is enabled, with multiple ways to earn Prestige Points

StoneBlock 2 includes a fantastic quest-line, and a great mix of mods including mining, magic, machines and killer chickens!

StoneBlock 3 is the latest pack from Feed The Beast, running on 1.18.2 and includes a ton of fun mods. Create, Blood Magic, Project E and much more make this a challenging but fun quest-driven pack

Prison is a fun combination of mining, farming, PvP and trading, with an in-game Auction House, server-provided market, player stores, plots and a great ranking system.

We aim to minimise banned items, limit toxic and hostile behaviour, and maximise in-game performance for the best possible gaming experience.

Come join our Discord for more information!
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