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Welcome to Season X Minecraft Server for Minecraft 1.20.1 - Master Realm!

Discover endless possibilities on our ultimate Minecraft server:

Custom Enchantments: Unique gameplay enhancements.
RPG World: Immerse in a specially crafted world.
Daily Quests and Adventure Worlds: Explore and conquer.
Blood Moons: Thrilling challenges await.
Brewery: Craft magical potions.
Coin Economy: Navigate a dynamic in-game economy.
Citizens: Interact with NPCs.
Anti-Combat-Log: Fair play guaranteed.
Towny: Build and protect your towns.
Anarchy EconomyShop: Experience a unique player-driven economy.
Unique World Generation: Explore diverse landscapes.
Graves with Loss Mechanic: A challenging twist on survival.
Goditems: Unleash godly powers.
GSit/Lay/Crawl: Unique character animations.
18+ Marry Commands: Take in-game relationships to new heights.
HORSETPWITHME: Enhanced horse riding.
NoMobGriefing: Protect your world from mob destruction.
MCMMO: Level up and master your skills.
Backpacks: Convenient inventory expansion.
Playerkits: Access special kits for aid.
Sign Shops: Trade and interact with others.
Roles and Ranks: Progress and earn recognition.
Images: Share visuals to enhance communication.
With Bedrock and Java cross-play, join our welcoming community that's been thriving for over two years. Our team ensures a hacker-free environment. Explore endless possibilities on Master Realm today!
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