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Build N Chill is a new, whitelisted server where you have a relaxed, friendly community with which to play tweaked vanilla Minecraft. We have mail, extensive shops for blocks and items, jobs, datapacks and crafting tweaks such as fast leaf decay, craftable coral blocks, as well as elevators, grief prevention, and rtp. Player owned shops are coming soon. We also have bundles and chest boats!

Access to hats, hat particles, and nicknames can be purchased at our store. We are a paid server, so the profits will help us improve the quality of the tech part of the server by increasing RAM, and it will also help pay to keep the server open.

Our Discord is fitted with chat rooms and multiple channels to post your builds and experiences! You can join our Discord to hang out and request to join:

The admins are
- Oslypsis aka PoinkyPie
- Viking_MC aka Viking Dan
- FakeRoseTree aka FakeRose4569
We 3 will be the ones either granting or denying access to the whitelist. As long as you're chill and not a troll, there's a good chance you'll be allowed in.
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