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Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
To join my custom server, pls read and obey these rules:
1. No stealing,
2. No cheating,
3. No griefing,
4. No hacking,
5. Due to the ability to hack on pc and mobile which is iOS and android you have to have at least 2,000 gamerscore for pc and Xbox 1k gamerscore for mobile and switch or must be on PlayStation, or if on Java edition, anyone can join because I can’t really find anyway to identify if someone is a hacker through Java stats apparently,
6. Unless it’s owner or other operators, if someone goes near your base and you don’t want them there, ask them to leave and then if they refuse you have the right to hit them until they leave even if that means they are killed.
7. Only kill the ender dragon when everyone is ready if it’s the first time on that custom server world.
8. Pvping is only allowed if both parties agree to pvp.
9. Please make sure you reply in English I don’t really know or understand any other language.
10. Be respectful to admins.
11. Staying in the discord is optional but encouraged to be in the custom server incase something happens like a backup and anyone needs to know.
12. Tipped arrows are banned.
13. No harassing operators.
14. Don’t ask for the seed of the world on the custom server.
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