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We currently have 3 servers at the moment.                                    SurvivalSMP                                                                                              Creative                                                                                                      Hacker_Jail.                                                                                                we have Griefprevention , Gadgets , Ranks which you can buy by earning Gems. To earn Gems you must be online every day. the higher your streak the more Gems you earn.                                        We do have rules on our server and you must follow them or you will be banned !                                                                                                                                      If you dont like the server then Don't join. There is no use in wasting your time  joining a server you don't like just to spread hate that is just stupid            we have a discord server if you want to stay updated on when the server is online feel free to join The Discord link is:                                                                                                                  1.18.2          *Note: Cracked is off so if you don't have a paid minecraft account Please Don't DM any of the staff
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