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SquishyCore | Custom SMP [SMP] [Bedrock & Java] [1.16 - 1.19]
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About RelicRealm
RelicRealm is a cool minecraft server. Our servers are crossplay, so both Bedrock and Java can play on it! In RelicRealm we offer a variety of gamemodes, such as a custom survival server with a world like the real earth and slimefun, a gamemode for all the custom item lovers out there. The server never gets boring, there are alot of events happening and many updates!

Why choose RelicRealm?
-> There is a live minimap players can use to see the world

-> Don't want your precious land to be destroyed? Claim it with our claiming system!

-> Welcoming, positive and friendly towards all ages community

-> The Staff are always available and happy to help anytime!

-> Feeling lucky? Enter our giveaways!

-> Short on money? We have a job plugin!

-> Nothing do to? Take a look at the custom server quests and earn yourself some rewards!

-> Don't feel like walking? Get yourself a vehicle and travel around the world!

-> Economy plugin with a custom currency!

-> Tired of playing on your own? Create your own guild and make your own unique team!

-> The server is 24/7 online and ready to be played

(Not to mention the marriage plugin for all the lovebirbs.)
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