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✠ MEDIEVAL UNLIMITED ✠ - V2.0.1 Full-Release out now! Welcome to Medieval Unlimited!
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Medieval Unlimited strives to create highly immersive and realistic medieval themed gameplay featuring one of Minecraft’s most detailed custom maps ever totaling over 20km’s of playable area filled with over 50 completely custom biomes with unmatched level of detail, over 800 custom blocks and items including countless new weapons, armors, foods, crops, gemstones, minerals, pelts, jewelery, building blocks, and more, custom events like Night Raids and Duels, subtly improved survival mechanics like the introduction of food spoilage and preservation, limited stamina, thirst requirements, a dynamic hunting system with tiered loot, and of course the ability to create your own Kingdoms with dynamic upgrades, taxes, player roles, structures, expandable and functioning armies with custom soldiers/guards, and the ability to ally your friends or wage war through invasion against your enemies, and much more.
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