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The Bees Knees!
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This server contains an strict economy that is mostly endorsed by playtime, voting, and working in-game jobs (which are limited.)

The rankup system is based off of ore ranks. Default/New players start with Stone, and then from there it goes by Coal, Copper, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Quartz, Diamond and Netherite. Players earn more jobs, player warps, homes and cosmetics as they rankup.

Players can also make their own market place with chests for player shops in the market world. Just in case the global shop doesn't sell or have whatever they're selling, or they want to market off of a specific shop. (Decorative blocks for example, will not be in global, but can be made with a player shop)

Voting gives players crate keys and points, which can be used on said crates to earn many awards. Rare keys are earned only through crate rewards, and cannot be earned any other way.
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