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k --- [VoidSMP] --- [1.17.x - 1.19.x] --- k Land Claims | MCMMO | Economy | Jobs | & More!
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
VoidSMP Is a survival server with a player driven economy, tons of unique features, We have an amazing community and lots of content updates.

Key features:
MCMMO: A Completely unique mcmmo experience with a reworked menu system, tons of new abilities, a leaderboard system, and a reworked progression system.
Item shop: We have a item shop (/shop) that was carefully created with a beautiful menu and perfectly balanced for the economy
Jobs: We have a custom jobs setup with tons of jobs to choose from and skill trees and levels for each job.
Player shops: Players can create their own chest shops for other players to spend money at!
Advanced anticheat: We use Vulcan anticheat to ensure that no hackers will ruin the fun!
Xray is impossible: We use a plugin that makes it completely impossible for people to xray on our server.
Player warps: We have a player warp system to allow players to create their own warps! (ex. a warp to your own player shop)
Land claims: You can claim your land to prevent griefing. You gain 115 claim blocks every hour you play on our server.
No P2W: We strongly hate P2W servers and we strive to make sure that each player has a level playing field. We do not sell any items that grant a competitive advantage
(We do sell MCMMO XP Boosters but they are global boosters so each player will get the same boost as the donator!)
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