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CELESTIALITE is the NEWEST survival SMP launching with TWO SERVERS, CelestialSMP and CelestialOrigins

CelestialSkyblock is the BEST skyblock server on the market! a mix of traditional skyblock servers and a fun, unique RPG! we have custom bosses, tonnes of areas and islands to explore, unique weapons, tools and armor sets and so much more!

CelestialSMP is a unique SMP that focuses on the community and building friendships! we have custom terrain and structures as well as a shopping district for you to create shops and sell items!

CelestialOrigins is a challenging but insanely fun varient of survival minecraft where when you first load in you get to choose a race/origin to start as. these origins give unique traits, powers and debuffs that alter how you play the game! there is 14 different origins all with unique playstyles!

Java IP is celestialite.net
Bedrock IP is play.celestialite.net
Bedrock Port is 25580
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