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✰✰✰》》》《《《✰✰✰ Friendly - Slimefun, Skyblock, Dungeons & Mini-Games
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
We are fresh, we are new, we are friendly & peaceful!
Welcome to Zero-Bit! We offer Java & Bedrock players:
► Ranks, Crates, Voting rewards & Vote Party giveaways!

►Survival with plugins high in demand:
˃ Angel Death Chests
˃ Claims & Grief Defender
˃ Jobs
˃ Player Auctions & Chest shops
˃ Slimefun with addons & Infinity Expansion
˃ Terralith Overworld & Incendium Nether

►Skyblock with many plugins:
˃ Cube Gens
˃ Player Auctions & Chest shops
˃ Pyro Fishing
˃ Gems & Mobcoins
˃ Koth
˃ Quests

► Dungeons
˃ Better Structures
˃ Custom World Gen
˃ Elite Mobs
˃ Natural Disasters

► Mini Games (cause why not) ... and more!
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