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Galactic Toast

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Thank you for your interest in Galactic Toast! Galactic Toast is a small friendly survival server with only a few plugins to enhance the gameplay. This server has a small nice and friendly community of players that work together and help each other. If youever need any help with anything all you have to do is contact a staff member or visit the website and help will be there as soon as possible! 

The plugins include: 

Headgrabber- allows players to get theirs and others heads in the game 
Vote- allows players to vote for day/night and the weather 
ChestShop- allows players to create their own shops to make money in the game. 
Lockette- allows players to protect their homes and chests from looters. 

Server Rules: 
#1- Be respectful to other players 
#2- No griefing 
#3- No Hacking 
#4- No Xray 
#5- Have Fun! 

If you feel these plugins and rules suit you then Galactic Toast is the place for you! We hope to see you come join the server and have fun! 


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Galactic Toast


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