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projectEnchantedMC 1.20

Bedrock port:25587


We are currently looking for new staff members to join the team
Builders to join the builder rank team that help with projects

Welcome to projectEnchantedMC 1.20 Minecraft server Ancient season

Have you been playing Minecraft for many years now? and been thinking lately that u could do with something new? or even just a chance to make a fresh start on a new server here's your chance!

With support for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock players.

Three new fresh worlds added to the game for the start of the Ancient season

Come start your journey now! start your first project! 

Grief protection in place to protect your builds along with a lot of other useful plugins that provide a fun and exciting experience.

Custom items, free in game currency ranks, custom ranks and many options available - we even do custom requests for commands.

Voting crates with keys rewarded for voting your chance to help support the server

All new players that join if they invite a friend they will be rewarded 5k in game currency.

Crates for custom items, cosmestics, spawners.

Options for PvP, Game modes like Dungeons, Parkour, Arenas and many more coming soon.

Economy based Survival SMP Minecraft server with shops, jobs, quests and much more!

Bedrock port:25587
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