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Are you looking for engaging, and social players that enjoy playing survival or building in creative? You've come to the right place!

Owl Realms is a brand new network offering a new, refreshing experience to Minecraft.
We offer 100% grief protection (meaning all your builds will be kept safe) and features such as Jobs, Quests, Economy, Custom Terrain, Land Claiming, Crates, Player Warps and so much more!

With a server difficulty set at hard and mobs that scale in level depending on how far you are from spawn, a challenging survival experience is guaranteed! However, fear not as you can earn some rewards that will assist you in your journey.

Our creative server has been designed to help you grow as a builder and take inspiration from other builders on the server! You can rank up by building and submitting your plot for review! You can also just build casually in our guest world.

IP Address - hub.owlrealms.com
Forums - https://owlrealms.com
Discord Invite Link - https://discord.gg/EMqxEhu
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