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Vault Hunters 3rd Edition [3.13] Funny Unsolicited Nonsense (FUN)
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We are a friendly community of people who like to vault hunt without malding at every death. I made this server because I suffer from a crippling debilitation called Skill issue, and so far we get a lot of chill people so come and join us :)

Age Restriction: 18+ preferred but all welcome

Server Location: Singapore (Asia) GMT+8, according to feedback people from the US can connect with little to no latency so do give it a try!

Version: Whatever is latest release while you are reading this (Got a bit sick of forgetting to update the versions here)

Rule Set:Open a ticket in the #staff support part of the discord if needing a whitelist or facing any bugs resolvable with commands like the bounty/quest ones recently.

VaultMode Casual (Deaths only cost durability)
VaultLoot Plenty (2x Vault loot and exp gained)
No Griefing, Stealing or PVP unless both parties consent
Don't create unnecessarily laggy farms
Trading encouraged, we can help each other out with items when needed
Build somewhere around spawn if possible (Within 1000 blocks radius), we have a nice community around spawnish, but world border is pregenned up to 10k diameter (5k Radius) if you prefer to run around and find a nice looking base location for yourself and your bf/gf.
Claim the chunks your base is at to avoid griefing (Hasn't happened yet but better safe than sorry), we are using the Xareos Open parties and claims mod.
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