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Casual Crafters [1.16-1.20] Funny Unsolicited Nonsense (FUN)
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P2W? Toxicity? Unchecked Administration? No thanks. Casualcrafters goes back to the core of what makes Minecraft fun with an emphasis on PVE gameplay, Personalised Base Building, and Community.

We cater to a diverse range of playstyles and cultures, with players from all over the world coming to our Singapore-hosted server to have fun with friends.

Our network gamemodes:

Nations (Beta)
-Our magnum opus gamemode that focuses on players working together
-Custom dungeons, rebalanced combat mechanics, and bossfights!
-Balanced economy system to encourage multiple playstyles over persistent dungeon rushing

Survival (Beta)
-Aims to bring as close to a vanilla experience as possible, with minimal plugins for QOL such as claims.
-Has a main world which resets every 3 months, and resource worlds which reset weekly.
-Your base claim is PRESERVED THROUGH RESET. We use LANDS as the server claim system.

-For people to test out a concept or plan out a build in the other 2 gamemodes.
-Has building tools for creating structures, terraforming, and interior decoration (Furnitures!)
-Theorycraft and practise combat builds for Nations' dungeons without spending your hard earned resources
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