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AJCord 1.7.x-1.12.x
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----« « « AJGaming Creative » » »---- ✹ Formerly known as MegaCreative ✹
 MegaCraft Creative is one step above the rest. Enjoy completely FREE WORLDEDIT. You heard right. FREE. No donating. No
voting. Just WorldEdit, nice and simple. Join thousands of other
builders and express your creativity on MegaCreative!
Sick of servers requiring you to donate or vote for access to WorldEdit? Join MegaCreative and enjoy free worldedit for all!
Unlike other servers, MegaCreative seeks to unlock as much as possible,
allowing players to express their creativity in ways otherwise
Our staff team is always there should you need help or have any questions. We work around the clock to ensure your experience is the
best it can be!
Don't settle for less than the best. MegaCreative offers new players 3 MASSIVE 145x145 plots. That's right! 3 plots! Earn up to 5 additional
plots by ranking up in our custom build submission ranking system!
MegaCraft does a ton of in-house development, allowing us to design unique plugins that tremendously increase potential fun! From a custom
roleplay system to fun pets and disguises, MegaCraft Creative has it
MegaCraft leverages the newest server technology to provide a lag-free experience that is scalable to thousands of simultaneous
players. Grab your friends and join in on the fun!
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