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Welcome! Roleplay:Survival:Creative World
Legends of the Fallen is a moderate role-play survival server, seeking to combine the best aspects of role-play and
survival Minecraft. Building from a solid foundation created by
developing a unique, engaging, and challenging survival experience, we
have added several role-play enhancing systems, are developing our
permanent maps to cater specifically to role-play, are creating
comprehensive and immersive lore, and instituting a responsive and
intuitive combat system. Ultimately, we want to conduct the server
similarly to a MMORPG as this embodies the best of both worlds.

New to the server We have a greylist system in place that requires guest
players to apply for membership before they can begin their adventure.
If youre interested in becoming a member, the following links will help
you through the application process.

Greylist Application Format Information: http://www.lotfmc.net/forums/showthread.phptid8

We look forward to seeing you in-game! :
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