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Polygoncraft – ►Economy, ►Creative, ►PvP Arenas, ►Build Offs, ►Decorative Heads
★ IP: play.polygoncraft.net ★
★ Website: polygoncraft.net ★ 
Find a location in our economy world and start earning money! In-game money can be used to buy ranks that will give you more perks. Gain mcMMO levels by collecting resources and killing mobs for rewards!
Explore our vast creative flatlands or start building yourself! Apply your build for ranks to gain access to new creative worlds!
►PvP Arenas:
Use your survival gear to battle with players in our PvP Arenas! Infinite durability and infinite fun!
►Build Offs:
Participate in our monthly Build Offs where players have 24h to build with the best of their abilities against other players and a specific theme!
►Decorative Heads:
Use decorative heads in your build! Search through a huge databases of custom heads to use on your builds!
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