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Hello everyone! 

Come join our community at MindlessCraft! We're looking for friendly players to come have some fun with us atsurvival.mindlesscraft.com

About Us: 

MindlessCraft is a freshly new minecraft server being runned by an experienced owner, SnakeNY16. The staff is a group of mature, friendly, and easy going adults. We've got a laidback atmosphere which will make for a great place to build, adventure about, and socialize. Our aim is to make this a good diverse place for people of all ages. Our server is hosted in the US, however, anyone is more than welcomed to join. We're on the 1.10.2 version so you can come check out the newest things while joining a great community. We look forward to seeing you! 

Also you are welcome to check out our website at MindlessCraft 

Our rules are rather simple. We desire to be laid back while also remaining family friendly for all of our players. 

  • Be respectful. 
  • No griefing. 
  • No hacks. 
  • Keep your language clean. 
  • No spamming or begging. 
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