Mineville, Enjoy the Fun! SPIGOT 1.12.2

Mineville, Enjoy the Fun! SPIGOT 1.12.2

Server address: mineville.serveminecraft.net


Welcome to Mineville. NOW OFFICIALLY ON SPIGOT 1.12.2 **
Mineville first appeared back in February 2012 when Minecraft was still only at version 1.0. The server has seen so many changes since then. What started out as a basic server with absolutely no plugins and very few players has now become really popular. We have had a number of map resets due badly griefed landscapes and the lack of protection plugins. The server has become more protected over the past couple of years due to trial and error and the commitment of the valued staff who watch over the server. Mineville is pretty laid back, there's always plenty of land to build on unlike some other servers where everywhere is protected. We also frequently check the server for updated plugins and fixes so that it can be stable as possible. 

Some of the main features the server hosts are as follows: 

ASkyBlock, ResidenceResidence, Lockette, Factions, ChestShop and Dungeon Maze and many more! 

Have fun :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/744376105651540/ 

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Mineville, Enjoy the Fun! SPIGOT 1.12.2


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