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Welcome to ArmonicPvP!
The IP is
We have 1.10 Compatibility, CustomEnchants, Crates, Voting, NoCheatPlus, Factions, Reliable Staff, Events, SuppplyDrops, VoteParties, DropParties, Ranks, HeadHunting, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, MoneyCrates, SlotMachines, Reaction, Duels and more.
Yes! You can play our server on 1.8-1.10! The CustomEnchants are unique to our server. You might see a few from another server but they might have completely different meanings. There are 70+ CustomEnchants for every single weapon and tool in the game. There are many crates on the server which you can get keys for randomly or from purchasing them. Voting gives you keys and rewards. If you are lucky, you could be the Top voter and receive amazing rewards! NoCheatPlus allows us to find hackers on the server. This is the main base of the server. We almost always have at least 1 staff member online, so all your questions can be answered. The events are manually hosted by the Owner and are a lot of fun and give great rewards! This is an envoy that happens on a timer. It is very good for getting good loot. Voting can activate a VoteParty which contains a lot of loot including Vote Keys. This is very good if you are just starting off on the server. The Owner will randomly do drop parties from time to time and do them when a certain player count is reached. If the server if filled up, everyone on the server gets 20 of the best key! There are ranks on the server you can buy or earn by completing various activities! Kill mobs and players and sell their heads for money! We have a custom AuctionHouse where you can bid on items! A chest full of loot that spawns at specific coordinates! MoneyCrates are GUI chests you right click to get money! SlotMachines allow you to insert coins and win money! Reaction is a game where you race to unscramble a word or type a word the fastsest! Duel your friends to find out who is the best PvPer! The server Owner is very active and always adding new things!
Once again, the IP is

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