Nightfall Rpg

Nightfall Rpg

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[size=150]Welcome to Nightfall Rpg, a land of mystery!
|  Many years ago a great plague spread across the land
forcing the inhabitants to build cities underground.
Now the plague has gone each of the 7 races are
|  finding their way back to claim the land!

Why should you try this server?

There are 7 races each with their own perk and a
disadvantage (each race has particles!).

A reputation system that changes a players name
so you can see who is being naughty and who is being nice!

Ranks for in game money which include pets, brewing beer,
airships, painting pictures, shops + others

You can become a vampire and fly with bat form.

Trading cards and custom enchants!

+ much more

Join us today and see the full server experience!

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Nightfall Rpg