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A community focused server now running 1.12.2!
New Beginnings Minecraft started out 4 years ago with a small group of friends and has grown into a community with over 3,000 registered Enjin accounts. That being said our player base is not nearly that large, we usually top out at 25 people online at once and 10 people is an average night. We are a very small tight knit community. 

Most recently, the server was sold to a long time player and admin: Hitsua. With the new ownership in place, Hitsua made a few major changes while keeping the spirit of survival alive and well. 

First off, we are using a custom map from Planetminecraft with gorgeous biomes and very unique scenery. Despite it being custom, you can still mine for all resources at virtually all Y levels and the underground system is even larger than your typical survival map. Historically we reset the map every time a major patch came out, but with such a large map we have decided to never reset it, but still provide players a way to access new content (see below). 

Secondly, we are using an economy plugin called "Shop". It is a premium Spigot plugin that is both versatile and easy to use. Currently we have it configured to only use the barter system, so no currency is traded to prevent inflation and currency exploitation. What this means is you can set up chests where you can trade X resource for Z resource and set your own prices that way. 

That said we do have a server shop located directly underneath spawn. This shop allows players to trade in Dirt,Cobble,Iron, etc, for virtual dollars that can only be spent in the server shop. The purpose of the shop is to sell items that are otherwise unobtainable in game such as Sponges, animal spawn eggs, and so on. As we never intend to reset this map, we will also be selling blocks from future patches out of this shop for a fair price so that players can have access to the new content without having to start over. 

When you first enter the world, or type /spawn you will be brought to a portal hub. On your left is the new world Dutheron, where you will spend most of your time. On the right is our old map Barbos, which will be periodically reset and used as a resource map for those not wanting to destroy the epic landscapes of Dutheron. 
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