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Do you feel like an outcast? Or maybe shy? Or even just enjoy peaceful quiet? Join us! 

We are a small, welcoming community, that welcomes the talkative loud mouth, and the player who keeps to themselves and solos. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable here, which is why we are family friendly! Our Discord channel has channels to share your pet pics, debate over touchy subjects, and even a channel dedicated to let you see server activity and participate! 

Playing on Easy Survival mode allows us to have peaceful mobs for grinding resources, which can be bought using gold you can earn. Since we have the Nether and End enabled, this means mobs aplenty. Our Pixelmon training grounds allow you to level up fast and grind for resources that you can sell in our shops or keep for yourself! 

A new feature has also been recently added, on player request. Players now get 1 free /rtp every 30 minutes. This means you can find that special place to build your home a lot easier, and get away from all the hustle and bustle surrounding warp wild and spawn!

The kits we have help you stay fed while you get set up, with a /kit food, and a /kit apricorn to help you make more pokeballs! 

Our NEW PixelStops are wonderful if you have bad luck for bosses and loot, letting you get a random loot item every day! There are several of these scattered around our warps.

If breeding is your thing, then this should appeal to you. We have Legendary ditto-ditto eggs enabled. This means, you can get any Legendary from breeding two dittos together! This encourages competitive breeding, and allows players to feel more rewarded when that surprise egg hatches into a wonderful surprise!
PixelGO always stays up to date, so you never have to worry about falling behind. We use Sponge API.
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