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Unova Legends Presents:

Plasma Cobblemon is a brand new server, come try out a new adventure where evil Pokemon teams finally take over regions. You can build a home and are protected with grief prevention. Take down team plasma collect all the badges and become the new supreme of the region!
  • Our Features:
  • Land claiming so you can set home.
  • Shiny Starters
  • Custom Pokemon you are able to battle with
  • Pokemon Trading
  • Pokemon Raids
  • Custom Biomes
  • Keep Inventory ON
  • Starter Kits
  • Daily Kits
  • Custom Items
  • Building Blocks
  • Custom Furniture
  • Awesome Events
  • Free Backpacks
  • /pokesee -so you can check your Pokemon details and ivs
  • Player Run Gyms
  • A ton of custom-unique Pokemons
  • Unova Regional Variants of Known Pokemons
  • Pokejobs
  • Legendary Pokemon spawn naturally
  • And a ton more custom stuff
Everyone of all ages is welcome! We have a ton of stuff planned, and if you want to play with a large community, join us!

How do I join?

Here is a link to our Discord:



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