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IP ophion.cc || Site https://www.serverophion.com || Discord http://r.ophion.cc/discord

We offer unique games found only on Ophion, ready for you and your friends to play!

 - Towny
 - Bending
 - Creative
 - Build Tools
 - Minigames

Ophion combines bending of the four elements €“ water, earth, fire, and air €“ with peaceful Towny, competitive arenas, and creative Freebuild. Here are some short previews of what we offer:

 - Create and expand your town with jobs and vehicles.

 - Train, compete, and level up in the bending arenas.

 - Spice up your builds with armor stand tools, World Edit, a head database, and portal guns. You can bend here, allowing you to make your own competitive and practice arenas.

 - We also offer a few minigames you can play with friends such as Capture the Flag, Spleef, and Hide and Seek.

If you€™re ever confused while on our server, feel free to ask staff or other online players! You can also consult the in-game tutorials to help you out.

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