Flame Network

Flame Network

Server address: mc.flamesurvival.com


Flame Network is the ideal server for the avatar to the constructor who builds to the next level.  With quality entertainment, and a wide-selection of servers, we offer non-stop action for all types of players.

Servers we feature:
Bending - Bend like the benders in the Legend of Korra TV series, compete in our bending arenas, and fight your way to the top.

RPG - Become Harry Potter with your magic skills, use MoveCraft to make a working ship or airplane, and use GriefPrevention to protect your humble home.

Creative - Build your empire all the way to the clouds, rank up to receive access to the advanced and advanced+ worlds, and settle down with your significant other and marry using our marriage system.

Towny - Create a new civilization, join a job and make money, then create a nation and rule the server!

And much, much more!  Join us today and see the full server experience!

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Flame Network


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