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Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
Experience semi-vanilla Minecraft at it's finest!

With a dedicated staff team, we are always making improvements to make our players feel
welcome and loved!
Our main goal is to make sure you enjoy your time playing here!

[u]Land Claim
[/u]Protect your builds from would-be griefers with GriefPrevention!
Simply use a golden shovel to claim your land.

Rank up by playtime! The more you play, the higher your rank.
Each rank receives different perks and items!

Enjoy awesome rewards for voting that are, well, actually rewarding!
New and fun rewards are added often!

[u]Player Shops
We utilize the ShopKeeper plugin to create player shops using in game items as currency.
Create your own shop at RedStone rank and reap the spoils!

[u]Creative World

[/u]Come and enjoy our separate creative world!
Claim your own creative plot at RedDiamond rank to build your hearts desire!
You never know, we may use your build for the server!


Be Respectful
No Griefing
No Hacking or Cheating
No excessive swearing
No Spam or Advertisements
Follow the PvP guidelines listed on our website!
No scamming

Hope to see you there!

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