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------PixelHeaven Presents Pixelmon------ Adult humour, Custom Map, Daily Events and More!!!
Hello! Welcome to PixelHeaven!

We have spent a long time creating this new server just for you! We have loads of events and games for all to play along with a monthly championship for battles. We have cool ranks, kits, spawn rates�and so on! we have kept the shiny/legend rates nice and common compare to most servers because we like everyone to have some! Come check out the server at Play.FishSticksMc.com

Requires Latest Version of Pixelmon Legends Version:
Pixelmon Legends Technic Download! - Click Me

Discord - Click Me

Server Includes:
-Shiny Crates
-adult humour
-Daily Events
-Super Events (big prizes)
-Cheap Donation Store
-All Pokemon are mountable
-Magikarp/Bidoof can fly
-Fun Staff Team
-Shiny/Legend/Vote Crates

Upon signing up on our website you'll have access to:
-2 free shiny keys
-10k $
-2k claimsblock bonus
-Daily Kit
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