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.・。゚♡゚。・. SwanCraft .・。゚♡゚。・. ︵‿୨♡୧‿︵ Spread your wings and fly home ︵‿୨♡୧‿︵
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Basic Server Info
Name: SwanCraft
IP: play.swancraftmc.com
Version: 1.12.2
Website: SwanCraftMC
TeamSpeak3: swancraft.enjinvoice.com

Spread your wings and fly home to SwanCraft!

In a world full of soulless Minecraft Networks and "one-size-fits-all" hub servers, SwanCraft aims to give you something
different: a place to call home. Our close-knit community is ready to welcome you into our family!

“Semi” Vanilla
We aim to keep gameplay itself as vanilla as possible, while providing access to some commands that make Minecraft life a little less mundane. For example, we have /tpa, /sethome, and /spawn.  

Grief Prevention
We utilize a plugin that allows you to claim your land and only give access to people that you trust! This prevents griefing and raiding, which gives you peace of mind and gives staff more free time to plan features and events!


Our ranking system is determined by how many votes you accumulate for the server. There are 7 voting sites, so you can gain as many as 7 votes per 24 hours. As you rank higher, you gain access to additional features and some custom named items!
We also have 6 donator ranks that offer a broad range of added perks without being pay-to-win.

Player Shops
Check out our one of a kind Player Market located on floating islands!!
We use in-game items as currency. No economy plugins here!

More than one event will be held monthly. Ideally, we like to hold events at different times of day to try to cover all of the time zones. Although sometimes that isn't possible, we certainly do try our best!  
Events Typically Include: 
  • Falling Crate Keys
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Movie Nights
  • Build Contests
  • Mob Arena
  • PVP Arena 
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